UWYD: Where Are They Now?

Lynn Capulong


Lynn Capulong first heard about United Way Youth Division (UWYD) through a letter she received through the mail during her Freshman year of high school in 2012. Through ice breakers and service activities at meetings, Lynn gradually opened up as she met other like-minded students. She describes the culture of UWYD as one filled with people who “genuinely care about making a positive difference in the Lubbock community.”

Lynn distinctly remembers a garden beautification service project where she and her best friends planted trees at Heart of Lubbock, a local community garden dedicated to providing sustainable, free produce to the neighborhood. That was the moment when Lynn realized how greatly her personal friendships had been strengthened by UWYD service projects. She found it rewarding knowing she could “directly influence and be influenced by those who want to serve the community.”

Lynn remained an active member of UWYD from 2012 to 2015 and thanks the program for “helping foster [her] ability to take care of people and making [her] realize [she has] an innate ability to connect with others.” While Lynn always wanted to be a nurse, UWYD helped confirm and strengthen her passion for serving others. Now, years later at University of Pennsylvania, Lynn teaches children in local schools about public health and regularly volunteers with the Healthy Library Initiative, a partnership between University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia public libraries that provides free health clinics.

In the future, Lynn hopes to promote health literacy in her community by working with accessible, affordable clinics to lessen the effects of health inequality. As she discovered through UWYD, Lynn has a passion and talent for serving and connecting to her community—from high school service projects to Philadelphia-wide health clinics.

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