Next Generation of Leaders

Mariam Chidmi & Daniel Latour

Being an active part in the lives of so many outstanding youths is one of the secrets to the Volunteer Center’s vibrancy and overall community impact. Each year, we are fortunate to serve alongside some of the brightest and most talented students within our community.

United Way Youth Division

Developing the next generation of leaders and creating a culture of service for all ages on the South Plains is important.

Two exemplary members of that next generation of leaders are Mariam Chidmi and Daniel Latour, both of which just graduated from Lubbock High School. Mariam and Daniel are familiar faces at the Volunteer Center, as well as with many of our nonprofit partners across the community. Both of these leaders have been involved with United Way Youth Division (UWYD) during their entire high school career—actually, they both are currently UWYD officers for the second year in a row.

Their participation in UWYD has presented them with countless opportunities to impact their community through meaningful service projects. We have been lucky to see both Mariam and Daniel grow as leaders among their peers, as well as in the broader community.

Lubbock HYPE

Through their involvement with UWYD, Mariam and Daniel were introduced to a new Volunteer Center youth leadership program, Lubbock HYPE- Helping Youth Purposefully Engage. The program is designed to engaged high school juniors in their community by exploring the ways local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and members of the community intersect. Through Lubbock HYPE, Mariam and Daniel have significantly developed their strengths as leaders.

As Mariam says, “being in Lubbock HYPE has showed how intricate and necessary the roles of community leaders are, and has inspired me to be more active behind the scenes.”

VCL Interns

What is most impressive about these students is their consistent desire to grow the impact they have on those around them. Last spring, they approached the Volunteer Center about the possibility of getting more involved during their summer break. As a result, Mariam and Daniel were our inaugural high school interns. They are living examples of what we try to accomplish every day through working at the Volunteer Center: inspiring a more engaged community by helping people find their purpose and act on it.

As these students enter college this fall, we are confident they will continue to find purpose and act on it, while sharing that purpose with whoever they can.

If you are interested in becoming a member of UWYD, fill out an application!

If you are interested in an internship with us, check out our current needs or contact Sabine Jacobson at [email protected].


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