If You Can Help Somebody, You Just Do It

Peter Martinelli – November 2016

At the 20th Annual Cornucopia luncheon, we had the joy of honoring a brilliant young man, Peter Martinelli. Peter is a senior at Lubbock High School. He first started volunteering through the Communities In Schools program at his school and quickly discovered a love for getting involved in the community. He particularly loves volunteering with anything involving kids or animals, but his biggest passion is the environment. When he graduates in the spring, he hopes to go to the University of Texas to study civil engineering. Peter wants to help the world smoothly transition from our current energy sources to more sustainable solutions.

Over the summer, Peter joined the Volunteer Center’s United Way Youth Division program. He has quickly risen as a leader and an example to the underclassmen. Peter goes about with a smile on his face, trying to get others to get excited about how they are contributing and making a lasting impact. His joy is infectious.

Peter was incredibly nervous standing in front of the crowd of almost 400 people at the luncheon this year. His words were few but impactful. Peter simply said, “It’s not about getting awards or recognition, but if you can help somebody, you just do it.”

That’s what Peter has been doing – just doing it day in and day out, impacting countless lives along the way.

Peter is one of many students we know pointing the way to a brighter future full of possibilities and hope.  Together we can empower young men and women like Peter to lead today and to lead tomorrow.

To find out how you can be involved in empowering young leaders, contact us at volunteer@volunteerlubbock.org.

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